insurance claim

insurance claim

Postby Stiletto » Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:48 pm

A few weeks ago when I leaving for work I accidentally caught the side of my Neighbours car leaving a scuff mark on his bumper. I knocked on his door and told him what happened and said I would talk to him later that day as I was going to be late for work, when I got the chance to speak to him about it he said he would take his car to the audi dealer to see if how much it would cost. As his car is only a year old I thought it would be too expensive for me to sort out privately so I told my insurance what had happened. They said they would deal with it and contacted my neighbour. Today I noticed he'd got his car back, the bumper has been repaired, however I noticed that a dent on the front near the light has also been removed. I told my insurer exactly what damage I had caused but am now wondering if he claimed for the existing damage that I never caused from my insurer as well. Would my insurer tell me exactly what work they did on his car, as I don't think I should pay for any damage that wasn't my fault.
On renewal my insurance has gone up £200 which would have been cheaper than sorting this out privately

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Re: insurance claim

Postby Grandad David » Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:54 pm

He probably did claim for the whole thing. Anyway you did the right thing in telling your insurance people. Perhaps next time (heaven forbid!) you can do it privately.

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